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Web Data Extraction with Sequentum Enterprise

With Sequentum Enterprise, you can automatically harvest data from a website and deliver the content as structured data in multiple database formats (Oracle, SQLServer, My SQL, Apache Parquet, MongoDB Cosmos, OLE DBE), or in other formats such as Excel spreadsheets, CSV, JSON, PDF or XML files.

Sequentum Enterprise can also extract data from highly dynamic websites where many other extraction tools are incapable. It can process AJAX-enabled websites, submit forms repeatedly to cover all possible input values, extract data from pop-ups and manage website logins.

Web data extraction technology has transformed the Internet into a structured data source, and Sequentum Enterprise is opening up numerous business opportunities for both corporations and individuals. The following is just a small sample of how web data extraction technology is optimizing and enabling new businesses:

  • Price Comparison Portals / Mobile Apps

  • Collaborative lists (home foreclosures, job boards, & tourist attractions)

  • News & Content Aggregation

  • Competitive price monitoring

  • Monitor dealers for price compliance

  • Track inventory on retailer websites

  • Social media and brand monitoring

  • Locate the highest-ranking keywords of your competitors on all major search engines

  • Background Checking

  • Confirm the integrity of business partners

  • Monitor online sources for copyright infringement

  • Sales Lead Generation

  • Content migration (CMS & CRM).

Sequentum Enterprise is a powerful, visual web data extraction tool that can do all of this and much more. We provide a comprehensive user guide to help you get up and running quickly. After Installing Sequentum Enterprise, we recommend that you look at Sequentum Enterprise Basics, and then get familiar with Exploring the Main Window and then Building Your First Agent.

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