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API Integration

For truly large scale data collection operations, there is often a need to drive the operation using an external source of data that is fed in via API.  This approach is also built-in to the Sequentum Enterprise platform.  There are two pre-conditions that are required to trigger a run via API input:

  1. The agent is developed to accept an input parameter

  2. The Agent Control Center is configured to grant API Access

For many of our customers, the desired structure is to take in as input a URL list which contains URLs to numerous unrelated sites.  For this, we would create a master agent that would send the input to the agent that is specific to that site and would trigger the site specific extraction and change tracking routines that are required. 

We would also configure a rate limit to ensure that no target site had excessive volumes of requests sent to it.


Below see an example of what it looks like to use postman to trigger a job using a specific input parameter via the API:

  1. Create a master agent that knows the relationship between the URL input and the sub agent that input should passed to

  2. Execute the master agent via API and pass the parameter to trigger the URL specific data collection

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