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What is a Sequentum Agent?

These intelligent agents extract and refine data from all types of sources; web pages, documents and even APIs. First it collects all the necessary data and stores it in its internal database. It then executes any transformation or enrichment that needs to be done and once the run has finished it exports the data in nearly any format.

An agent is a very powerful and portable recipe that is easy to create in Sequentum Desktop. Its portability comes from the fact that it can be stored as an XML file. You can find this file by exporting the agent with a separate XML description file.


Contents of an Agent XML file 

Storing the Agent recipe as XML makes deploying agents easy. After an agent has been made it will be deployed, which is essentially sending instructions via an encrypted XML file to the server that is
monitored by the Agent Control Center. Once deployed, you can configure the schedule centrally and the ACC will manage (if needed) any load balancing, queuing, rate limits, and fail over that you may need in your IT operation.


  Filesystem of an agent

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