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Using MS SQL or MySQL as Internal Database

A Sequentum agent saves all extracted data to an internal database while running. The default internal database is a SQLite file database, and file databases does not perform as well as real databases, such as SQL Server or MySQL. You are likely to see significant performance improvements and lower CPU usage when switching to a real database server depending on your system and the data you're extracting.

We recommend that you change the internal database to SQL Server Express if you don't already have an existing database server. SQL Server Express is a free database server from Microsoft but has a limit of 10GB of storage in a single database. You can download SQL Server Express from this URL:

Read the SQL Server Express documentation to learn how to install and operate the database server. 

Once you have installed SQL Server Express and added a database, you can change the internal database from the menu Data > Internal Database Settings:


For example, you can improve performance by choosing SQL Server from the Internal Database drop-down:



If you have an agent that extracts more than 10GB of data and don't already have a SQL Server Standard Edition license, then we recommend you use MySQL as internal database. We recommend you use the MariaDB flavor of MySQL with the following minimum configuration (MariaDB 10.3).

datadir=C:/Program Files/MariaDB 10.3/data
plugin-dir=C:/Program Files/MariaDB 10.3/lib/plugin

The following configuration parameter is important to archive similar performance to SQL Server.


 We've found that MySQL has a higher CPU usage than SQL Server for similar performance, so you'll need a slightly higher spec server when using MySQL.


You can download MariaDB from the following link.

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