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Email Notifications

An agent can be configured to send email notifications (status information) after it has completed a run.


Setting up Email Notifications

First you must choose when you would like to send a notification from the dropdown.

  • Always Notify: Always send a notification when the agent completes a run.

  • From Email Addresses: This displays who the message is from i.e. sender's name

  • Notification Enabled: To enable Email Notification, we set this property to true else set false to disable it.

  • Notify On Critical Error: By default, it is set to true, it notifies when agent encounters with a critical error.

  • Notify On Successful Extraction: It sends notification only when the agent completed successfully.

  • Notify On Unsuccessful Extraction: It sends notification only when agent completed unsuccessfully.

Then you must fill in several necessary fields:




The SMTP server your email provider uses to integrate with third party email applications. This can be found somewhere in your providers settings or documentation.


Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) is the standard protocol for sending emails across the Internet. By default, port 25 is used which is the default SMTP Non-Encrypted port.


Specifies if Sequentum Enterprise should connect to the email server using Secure Socket Layer (SSL).Some email servers, such as Gmail requires a secure SSL connection.


The username you use to log in to the email server.


The corresponding password for the email server.

Sender email address

The email address you would like the email to appear to come from.

Recipient email addresses

The email address(es) you would like to receive the email on failure for debugging. Separate multiple emails with a comma.

Success email addresses

The email address(es) you would like to receive an email on success.

Separate multiple emails with a comma.

You then have several options to configure when notifications get sent and success criteria to help validate data.

Send test email is useful to test if the SMTP server has been set up correctly and if your chosen recipients can receive your emails. It will send an email with the contents "This is a test email from Sequentum Desktop"

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