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Delete or Undo Delete Agent Commands

You can Delete/UNDO Delete one or more commands by selecting the commands and using the shortcut key “Delete” to delete, or by right-clicking on the commands and using the context menus Delete, Undo and Undo All Deletes.

We can delete a single command or a set of commands in SE by right-clicking on the command and Selecting the Delete button

Delete an agent command

After successful deletion, SE also provides an option to recover a single deleted command or all the deleted commands by simply right-clicking on the command and using the context menu UNDO Delete and UNDO All Deletes options available under the parent command of the deleted commands.

UNDO Delete an agent command

Deleted command recovered after UNDO Delete

 UNDO All Deletes agent commands

 All deleted commands recovered after UNDO All Deletes

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