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Default Folders

You can use Default Folders to specify paths that apply to all agents on the computer.


Default folders

Sequentum Enterprise currently supports the following default folders.



Agent Export Path

Exported agents will be saved to this folder by default.

Agent Import Path

Imported agents will be loaded from this folder by default.

Data Export Path

All agents that export data to file formats will save the data to this folder by default. A sub-folder named Files will be created automatically if an agent extracts files, and another sub-folder with the same name as the agent will contain the extracted files.

Data Input Path

All agents that read input data from this folder by default.

Each default folder can be set as Agent folderAgent Group Folder, or Custom Folder.

  • Agent folder is the default option and specifies a sub-folder inside the agent folder.

  • Agent Group Folder specifies a sub-folder inside the agent's parent folder. The default agent parent folder is My Documents\Content Grabber2\Agents.

  • Custom Folder can be any specified folder.

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