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Copying & Moving Agents

Moving an agent

You can move an agent by simply moving the agent folder to a new location. The agent will retain its unique identifier, so the agent will work as before although it is now in a new location.

Copying an agent

To copy an agent, simply choose File > Save As in the Sequentum Enterprise top menu. The new agent will get a unique identifier - an identifier that is different from the original agent.



We strongly recommend that you do not simply copy the agent from one folder to another on your disk. The result will be two agents having the same identifier since the copy will retain the original identifier.

Sequentum Enterprise stores information about each agent in its database, and can only store one entry per identifier. If you do have two agents on your computer with the same identifier, the active agent will be the agent that you open most recently in the Sequentum Enterprise editor. In these circumstances, you risk a duplication of effort or a loss of work.

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