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Close Browser

Use the Close Browser command to force a browser window to close, so that the website will create a new browser window.


Below screenshot shows the simplest example where the Close Browser command can be used.


Sequentum Enterprise often opens new web pages in a new browser window, and will always open a web page in a new window if the web page design specifies the opening of a child window. When Sequentum Enterprise finishes processing a page in a child window, it will leave the browser window open and reuse the window for the next similar child page. Some websites will close a child window after use, and will only work correctly if the child window does indeed close.

Command Properties


Command Description: A custom description for the command. Default value is Empty.

Command Transformation Script:  A script used to change command properties at run time. The default value is disabled.

Disabled: This property set to True allows user to disable the command. A disabled command will be ignored. The default value is set to False.

ID:  This property indicates the internal unique ID of the command and is always auto- generated e.g. 58c8e4ac-e4c0-48f7-a63d-77064945380b.

Increase Data Count: This property indicates the data count every time this command is processed. The default value is set to False. Set it to TRUE if you want to get the count of the number of times a specific command is executed to get the data. The data count value is increased during data extraction, so it is used to measure agent progress and basis this increased data count, the agent  decides the success criteria.

Name:  This property specifies the name of the command.

Notify On Critical Error:  A notification email is sent at the end of an agent run if the command encounters a critical error, and the agent has been configured to notify on critical errors. Critical errors include page load errors and missing required web selections. Default value is set to False.


Debug BreakPoint: Debugging will break at this command if the break point is set. Default value is set to False.

Debug Disabled: A disabled command will be ignored during debugging. Default value is set to False.

Debug Error Option: This property specifies what action to take when an error occurs in the debugger. Default value is set to Notify which indicates that when an error occurs at debugging time , then it will be notified. If we want to ignore the error at debug time , then we need to set this property value as Ignore.


Export Enabled: A command with Export Enabled set to false will not save any data to data output. Default value is set to True which indicates that all and any data will be saved to a data output.

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