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API Access Keys

The Sequentum Enterprise API can be restricted to certain groups of agents. An access key can be mapped to a directory of agents, and the key will then need to be specified with all API calls to access agents in that directory.

The API Access screen can be opened from the Application menu in the Sequentum Enterprise editor.


The option API key required can be set to require a key for all API access.

A key can be assigned the following access to agents.

Run - the key provides access to run agents and view agent statuses.

Data - the key provides access to data extracted by agents.

Schedule - the key provides access to schedule agents.

Full - the key provides full access to agents.

If an access key is specified with an API call, Sequentum Enterprise will determine the agent's path from the key, so only the agent's name should be specified, not the full agent path.



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