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Anonymous Web Scraping

Many users prefer to browse the web in private. Some website owners do not want web scraping tools to extract data from their websites, and their administrators may attempt to block access to their website for any non-human users. Sequentum Enterprise will behave exactly like a normal Chromium user when your agent uses a Web Browser.

When you visit a website with a web browser or a web scraping tool such as Sequentum Enterprise, the website owner can record your IP address and attempt to identify you with the intent to block your access to the website.

If you do not want a website owner to be able to identify you when you visit a website, you can use a proxy server to hide your IP address. The proxy server will visit the website for you. There are many different types of proxy servers, but Sequentum Enterprise supports only HTTP proxy servers. It does not support other types of proxy servers, such as SOCKS proxies.

See the topic CAPTCHA & IP Blocking for more information about configuring proxy servers in Sequentum Enterprise.

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