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Agent Chaining

This feature enables users to execute a specific agent immediately after successful completion of the first agent. It's particularly valuable when the output result of one agent is used as an input for the other agent. The feature can be applied through the Agent Chaining tab under the Job Settings window.

The Agent Changing Job Setting has 3 options:

  1. A check box as Start another job when this job has completed successfully to enable the feature.

  2. An Agent option box contains the list of all available agents that are present within the directory. This allows you to easily identify and select the subsequent agent you intend to run upon the successful completion of the initial job.

  3. A form field as Optional Start Parameters that can be used to specify the Job parameters in JSON format.


Here, are some optional start parameters that can be specified for the chained agent:

"logLevel": 0|1|2|3,
"isProductionRun": true|false,
"inputParameters": "{\"name1\":\"value1\",\"name2\":\"value2\"}",
"inputFiles": ["input1.csv", "input2.csv"],
"isDeleteInputFilesOnCompleted": true|false}
  • SessionId (optional - default value is empty) - The session ID to start. The agent must support sessions.

  • logLevel (optional - default value is 1) - The log detail level. 0 means no logging and 3 is the highest detail level.

  • isProductionRun (optional - default value is true) - Data delivery and email notifications are turned off for non-production runs.

  • inputParameters (optional - default value is an empty list) - name/value pairs to use as agent input parameters.

  • inputFiles (optional - default value is an empty list) - Input files to use for this run. The input files must have been previously uploaded. Input files are provided to the agent as input parameters with the names "input_file_1", "input_file_2", …

  • isDeleteInputFilesOnCompleted (optional - default value is false) - Deletes the specified input files when the job run has completed successfully or has been manually set to failed.

Note: The supported input file formats are .csv and .txt and also the agent needs to be configured with the recommended changes below so that the agent can accept any newly uploaded files and use the newly uploaded file inputs in the agent data provider command.

  • When an input CSV/txt file is used, add an Input Parameter named "input_file_1" with a path to the input file. Then, on the data provider command, use [input_file_1] as the CSV input file path. The square brackets instruct the data
    provider to look for the file path in the specified input parameter.


By leveraging these optional start parameters, users can tailor this section according to individual preferences or the unique requisites of each task, promoting adaptability and efficiency within the system.

Conditional Execution: The selected agent will only be executed if the first agent is completed successfully.


  1. This seamless streamline workflow reduces manual intervention and ensures a smooth sequence of operations.

  2. Once this feature is configured, the subsequent job will automatically trigger and initiate its run once the preceding job reaches successful completion.

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