Installing Sequentum Chrome Browser Extension

Sequentum Web Monitor Extension is a chrome browser-based extension. The extension is supported only on Google-Chrome Browser while Firefox, Safari, and other modern web browsers are not supported.

Installing the Sequentum Web Monitor Extension is easy. Simply follow these steps: 

1. Download the extension web-monitors.sequentum_v0.0.25.

2. Open your google chrome browser and type chrome://extensions/ to open the chrome extensions page or you can also go to google chrome Settings (chrome://settings/) and click on the Extensions link under the Advanced section on the left pane.

3. Now in order to add the extension by simply drag and drop option, you must enable the Developer Mode on the Extensions window.


4. Now drag the downloaded extension zip file and drop it into the Extensions window.


5. The extension gets added to the Chrome Extension window as below:


6. You can now PIN the Extension to the browser Menu bar by clicking on the Extension icon.


7. Once the extension is added, you will need to log in to the Sequentum Web Monitor Portal to be able to start creating monitors using the web browser extension.

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