Sequentum Rebranding from Content Grabber Enterprise to Sequentum Enterprise

In mid-2020 Sequentum began a rebranding exercise. Firstly, we chose to rename our third-generation web data extraction solution CG Enterprise to Sequentum Enterprise. We did this as we wanted to both simplify the name and focus on one brand. From this point onwards, all reference to Content Grabber or CG will be for our legacy software.

For the Legacy Software License Users, the new Sequentum Enterprise Software download is not available on the Check for Software Updates window and they will need to use the below download link to install the new software:

As before, the Sequentum Enterprise software (formerly Content Grabber Enterprise) consists of two core licenses:

Sequentum Enterprise Desktop - For development & maintenance of web data extraction agents.
Sequentum Enterprise Server - For running agents in production environments.

The Server license also includes the Sequentum Agent Control Center, which provides a centralized platform for large-scale web data extraction operations.

In this next Sequentum Enterprise release (v2.73.0) you will catch a glimpse of our new Sequentum logo as well as the color scheme we will be embracing on our new website and marketing materials. You will also see a number of changes to folder names and other underlying naming conventions that reflect our branding change.

This is a change to our branding only. Support for our Enterprise Customers will not change. Similarly, support for our 2nd generation product, Content Grabber, will also continue as before.
While upgrading to the Sequentum Enterprise we recommend you to first take the back-up of the Sequentum Folder from the below location:


Also if you have the Sequentum Enterprise Desktop License then only install the Desktop Edition on your machine. And for all other Licenses please install the Server Edition.

Sequentum Enterprise includes the following new changes:

Installation Paths

Existing Users

  • If you are already using the Content Grabber Enterprise software, the installation path will change to the following new paths mentioned in the table below:
Default Folders Old Path New Path
Software Installation Path C:\Program Files\Sequentum\Content Grabber 2 C:\Program Files\Sequentum\Sequentum Enterprise
Application Settings Files and Folder Path C:\ProgramData\Sequentum\Content Grabber 2 C:\ProgramData\Sequentum\Sequentum Enterprise
Applications Log Folder C:\ProgramData\Sequentum\Content Grabber 2\Log C:\ProgramData\Sequentum\Sequentum Enterprise\Log
Connections Folder C:\ProgramData\Sequentum\Content Grabber 2\Connections C:\ProgramData\Sequentum\Sequentum Enterprise\Connections
Default Folders My Documents\Content Grabber 2\Agents My Documents\Content Grabber 2\Agents
  • New Users (Fresh Installation)
Default Folders Path
Software Installation Path C:\Program Files\Sequentum\Sequentum Enterprise
Application Settings Files and Folder Path C:\ProgramData\Sequentum\Sequentum Enterprise
Applications Log Folder C:\ProgramData\Sequentum\Sequentum Enterprise\Log
Connections Folder C:\ProgramData\Sequentum\Sequentum Enterprise\Connections
Default Folders My Documents\Sequentum Enterprise\Agents

The new Sequentum Enterprise software installation will first remove the existing software installation and then it will install the new software version.



It is essential to note that once you install the latest Sequentum Enterprise Software Version 2.73.0, you are running on a new underlying folder structure so if you need to rollback for any reason, you will need to fully uninstall and reinstall the old version as part of that rollback.

The new software service runs as Sequentum Enterprise Windows Service.


Whereas the old software service runs as Content Grabber 2 Windows Service.


New Commands & Icons

Old Commands & Icons

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  • Where can Legacy Software License Users access the Release Notes of Sequentum Enterprise?


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