ACC 2.3.0

Build No.-1108
Release Date- 31/03/2020

New Features

Feature Description Ticket ID
Add an option in the Rate Limits to disable/enable ticket generation and deliver data files
Add option to view the agent logs on the web browser
Add Agent Path column under the Schedules page
Deploy Old Version option should be available on agent versions page for both Cluster and Server deployments
 Add option to Change the cluster on agent repository page
ACC Queue
Export Schema Validation



Change Description Ticket ID

Single Server Deployment support removed from the agent control center. Users can still remove and delete the single server deployment. 


Download Log and Data Data option renamed to Get Log and Get Data on the run history page.



Get Log context menu option on the run history page will not open the log files directly on the new browser tab.



Get Data context menu option will now download the file directly if the exported data has just one file and will download a zip file if the agent has more than one export file.

For Carpool agents Get Data menu option will open the data on the new browser tab.





On ACC desktop, not all the options are displaying as compared with the normal Super Admin role.
Bug in "Continue on failure" set to Yes in the Job Settings.
Getting Object reference error when trying to delete an agent from Agent Repository in the new acc web
Modify all EF LINQ in the NEW ACC WEB code base.
Cluster resource information is not displaying correctly with Admin role
Add a new role as OrgSuperAdmin in the new acc
Update the emailing detail with information about Directory/Organization name
Unable to delete Directory Privileges from the edit user page.

Getting error messages when downloading the data from ACC desktop

Getting Cluster couldn't be deleted error when trying to delete a cluster from Clusters in the new acc web

Remove Connect servers and Delete cluster options from the cluster.
Data Delivery/Data Export is happening only for the Restarted Session if the Job is In-progress and started via Job Schedule
The Run Time is increasing even after the agent has already failed on the agent run-history page
Delete icon is getting displayed for the Version History.
An agent should not be allowed to move when Job / Run is in Progress.
An agent should not be allowed to remove from the clusters or servers when job / run is in Progress
Agent is getting restarted when using Retry Error & Continue option.
Job status is showing In-Progress when agent is failed and associated to any Rate limit
Auditing is not being recorded for 'Restart' and 'Retry Errors & Continue' actions
Agent Description in ACC did not update
Getting error when trying to start a fresh agent for the first time
Get Data option on runhistory page now downloading data when requested more than once
Getting Error when trying to Get Data in Parquet format.
Run success criteria is not getting applied if an agent is started manually.
There is no option to execute a job on cluster via ACC Desktop
Issues in the new ACC Queue
Need investigation around the error logs appearing in the acc logs.
Issue with Windowless check box on server schedule page
There should be an option "Retry errors and Continue" on run history page.
Input Parameter in ACC creating more backslash
Start Agent on cluster API request returning invalid status code for Failed/Completed Unsuccessfully run
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