Sequentum is a software company with best of breed technology built to extract publicly sourced web data to create the highest quality alternative data. Our client portfolio primarily consists of investment banking institutions, hedge funds and alternative data providers.

Sequentum Information

Data Type Consumer Insights, Retail, Geo-location
Age of Company 10 years
Company Location New York, NY
Number of Employees 40-50
Contact Email
Contact Phone 1-866-594-6019


Data Output Details Sector Coverage Geographic Coverage
JSON or CSV Retail United States


Product Description

Sequentum’s team of web data extraction experts provides continuous monitoring and maintenance of retail store location data. Access over 190 retail companies with data storage supporting 200K+ up-to-date store location records with 1M+ daily change tracking records for all store locations.

Ingest time sequenced store location data and export into JSON and CSV formats by Company ID, Company Name, Store Name, Start Date, State, Zip Code, Ticker, FIGI Composite and Last Change parameters. Raw data provides store details, address details, change tracking details and geo-location for retail store locations updated daily.


  • Complete retail store location data sets for companies with 10-K filings with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) directly from the source websites
  • Data is cleansed, normalized and reviewed before publishing
  • Direct API integration to your internal applications, Business Intelligence/analytics programs or data stores
  • Easily query by Company , Store Location, Start Date, State, Zip Code, Ticker, FIGI Composite and Last Change to receive specific & rapid results
  • Option to export 200K+ unique store location records and 1M+ historical change tracking records for 190+ retail companies into JSON or CSV formats
  • Updated daily with change tracking for deltas on new or updated retail store locations
  • Geo-location integration included with Latitude and Longitude columns for each store location record

You can also download our RetailFinder one pager here.

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