Connections in Sequentum Enterprise are used to connect to data distribution targets, such as AWS S3 or Azure Storage. Connections are created in the Sequentum Desktop Editor, and can be uploaded to the Agent Control Center. When a connection is uploaded to the Agent Control Center, it's assigned to the organization of the user uploading the connection, and it's automatically deployed to all Sequentum servers assigned to that organization.

Connections can be accessed from the Organizations menu by users with the Admin role.


Connections can be uploaded directly in the Agent Control Center by clicking Upload Connections.


Users with the Super Admin or Server Admin roles can view and upload connections for all organizations.


Connections can also be uploaded from within the Sequentum Desktop editor. Open the Connection Manager from the Application menu, and click the cloud icon for the connection you want to upload. The cloud icon will only appear if you're already logged into the Agent Control Center as an Admin user.


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