Web Notifications

An agent can be configured to post web notifications (status information) to a web service after it has completed a run. This can be used as an alternative to email notifications.


Setting up Web Notifications

An agent posts web notifications (status information) as URL parameters or as JSON formatted content. This gives better flexibility than email notifications, since the web service can easily parse the status information and take action depending on that information.

You can setup Start Notification and Completed Notification.


The agent is configured to post JSON formatted Start Notification status information.


The agent is configured to post JSON formatted Completed Notification status information.

 The Web Notifications screen has the following fields. 

Field Description
URL Specifies the method and the URL to the web service. This field cannot be empty. The method must be one of the following: GET POST DELETE PUT PATCH
Post Data The data to post to the web service. This field can be empty if status information is specified as URL parameters. Sequentum Enterprise will automatically replace all parameters enclosed in <>, but any number of custom parameters can be added.
Headers Optional headers to send with the request. Normally, Content-Type must be specified when posting JSON content.
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