Editions & Licensing

The Sequentum Enterprise software consists of two core licenses:

  • Sequentum Enterprise - For development & maintenance of web data extraction agents.
  • Sequentum Server - For running agents in production environments.

The Server license also includes the Sequentum Agent Control Center, which provides a centralized platform for large-scale web data extraction operations.

Please see the license agreement in the Sequentum Enterprise installation folder for the full license agreement. In this article, we highlight the most important differences between the Sequentum Enterprise license types.

Sequentum Enterprise for Desktop

Sequentum Enterprise for Desktop is essential for the development of web data extraction agents. It provides both a development platform for producing web data extraction agents and a production run-time. This license alone can be used for single server operations. One user license is required per developer, server or cloud.

Sequentum Desktop is the only current license that can be used for web data extraction agent creation. If you are just beginning or are only after a single user license, you would only need Sequentum Enterprise for Desktop.

If a current-license copy of the Desktop edition of the software is running on a computer, then a single user may create, edit, and run web data extraction agents without restrictions.

The Desktop license can also run agents developed in legacy Sequentum Enterprise licenses types like Professional Edition and Premium Edition, but the only features that will function are those that are available in these older licenses.

Sequentum Enterprise for Server

Sequentum Enterprise for Server is an optimized production run-time license which can also be used for basic maintenance of existing agents. Organizations who want separate development and production environments should use Server in conjunction with Sequentum Enterprise for Desktop.

When you purchase a Sequentum Enterprise for Server license, you also get the Agent Control Center. A single Server license is required per server machine or cloud instance.

The Sequentum Server license cannot be used to create new agents, but it can run and edit agents built in Sequentum Enterprise for Desktop.

Restrictions for the Sequentum Enterprise Server license: 

  • You may not change the agent command structure, or alter an agent in a way that would change the output data structure.
  • It is not possible to add, delete, move, or copy commands using the Server license, nor can it modify the Disabled and Export command properties.
  • This license cannot edit script libraries, though it can run agents that use script libraries.

Sequentum Agent Control Center (ACC)

The Agent Control Center (ACC) was previously licensed separately and is now included with the Sequentum Enterprise for Server license.

The ACC provides a fully managed end-to-end enterprise data extraction platform. It was developed to facilitate large-scale web data extraction operations with multiple users. The ACC provides centralized management of all agents, servers, security, software updates, schedules, deployments, user access, proxy pools, support tickets, and more; all within your own cloud or data center environment.

The ACC seamlessly integrates with and can be accessed from the Sequentum Enterprise for Server license.

Special Licensing

Sequentum does provide special license agreements for large enterprises and software development groups with very specific requirements. These may be companies that require a large number of licenses. It also includes those who want to package Sequentum Enterprise functionality with their own software or distribute the Sequentum Enterprise Runtime. Special licenses examples include:

  • Site or country licenses
  • Sequentum Enterprise Runtime licenses
  • Self-contained Agents distribution licenses.
For more detail on these licenses, please email Sequentum at sales@sequentum.com.

Legacy Licenses

The following Sequentum Enterprise licenses are no longer sold by Sequentum but continue to be supported.

  • Premium Edition
  • Professional Edition
  • Server Edition.

Please refer to the old Support manual for more details on these legacy licenses. For assistance on upgrading to the latest Sequentum Enterprise software licenses please email Sequentum at sales@sequentum.com.

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