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How do I ask for Support?

Standard Support

Please email all support inquiries to You must have a Sequentum Enterprise account with active support, or an active trial account. You can also login to your Sequentum Enterprise account page to submit support inquiries or your Content Grabber account page for legacy licenses. You must send inquiries from the email address associated with your Sequentum account. Inquiries sent from other email addresses will be rejected.

We do not currently provide phone support, unless otherwise specified in license agreements with Enterprise customers. Our phone is answered by sales staff that have a good understanding of the software and web data extractions in general, but they are not technical staff that can help you with technical issues regarding the software or web data extraction techniques.

Free support is limited to bug reports and product feature inquiries. Unfortunately, we cannot provide training, or create and maintain your agents on an ongoing basis. If you require additional services please use our Web Data Subscription Services.

Please export your agent and attach the exported agent file if you are reporting a bug related to one of your agents. You can export your agents from the File menu in Sequentum Enterprise.

Support inquiries are normally answered within 1 business day, but during very busy periods it may take longer.

Standard Support Limitations

Our software does not restrict the number of agents you can build, and we have customers with hundreds of active agents. If we had to help develop and maintain all of these agents, we would need to dedicate a full time employee for just a single customer in some instances, which is not a sustainable business model. If you need us to help develop or maintain data extraction agents on an ongoing basis, we will need to charge for the service.

Web data extraction is not a trivial task, since each website uses different coding techniques. If you have minimal experience, you will not be able to extract data from all websites without assistance. We can provide you with the following level of assistance:

  • Bug reports. Please attach your data extraction agent when reporting a bug.

  • Feature inquiries. You can ask questions such as “What does this option do?” or “Can Sequentum Enterprise do this?”

Please notice the following restrictions to support:

  • We must be able to run your agent locally if you want us to help you. We do not create user accounts on a website to try and replicate a problem that you have. You must be willing to send us your agent with included account details.

  • We do not support your back-end systems including databases, even when they are used in conjunction with Sequentum Enterprise.

  • We provide very limited support for Scripts and API integration. You need to be a competent programmer to use these features. We don’t provide general programming assistance. We only support documented features of the API. You may be able to access undocumented features intended for internal use only, and you are allowed to do so, but we will not support this functionality. This functionality may change or disappear without notice in future versions.

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