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Handling HTTP Response Status Code 429 (Too may requests)


HTTP Status Code 429 - Too Many Requests

The HTTP 429 Too Many Requests response status code indicates the user has sent too many
requests in a given amount of time ("rate limiting").

A Retry-After header might be included to this response indicating how long to wait before
making a new request.

Default Error Handling In SE

SE provides fine-grained control over HTTP response error handling, but it is very important to note that by default, the error handling configuration in an Action command is ignored when the web server returns content as shown in the image below:


Web server returning HTTP status code 429 with content

This error can be replicated in Google Chrome by navigating to in a newly opened incognito window (cookies cleared).

Bypassing The Default Error Handling Behavior

The default error handling behavior can be overridden by setting the "Ignore Error Codes" property in the Action command to "No".

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