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Sequentum's modular architecture and re-usable building blocks of automation allow small teams to go live quickly with large scale and trustworthy data collection operations. We'll use an example to illustrate how to build one in record time.

Let's say you have 100,000 companies you are following and you want to keep track of the leadership team listed on each company website. You want to maintain an internal database with this company information and you want an automated process to detect and report changes as they occur. You know that each site is structured differently and that the timing of site updates is unknowable. You also know that writing and maintaining 100,000 individual scripts from scratch to go fetch the detail will be impossible to manage. While this is a hard problem, it is broadly simplified with Sequentum Enterprise.

Once you solve it for leadership team (people) data, you can apply the same approach to news, address info, and other types of content.


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